Chicory and Chicken Salad

Witloof, apple, grapes and Chicken Salad

Not the most simple salad because of all the ingredients, but not that complicated either.
I particularly like this salad when I'm hungry on a hot summer day. Substantial, but still light and refreshing because of the crunchy apple, the sweet grapes, the bitter chicory (witlof / witloof / dutch endive), the sour yoghurt dressing with the hint of honey. The chicken gives it body.


    (you can do this well in advance or use leftover chicken)

    Cut 300g chicken breasts in 3cm thick strips.

    The marinate can vary, this time I used:
    3 T peanut oil
    2 T finely chopped onion
    1 T chopped fresh thyme
    1 T lemon juice
    1 T shaoxing rice wine
    ½ t ground cumin
    ½ t fenegreek seeds
    freshly ground pepper

    Marinate for a couple of hours. Then grill for about 5 minutes or until done. Let it cool down and slice in bite-size chunks. Set aside or refrigerate until needed.

    Mix together and set aside:
    4 T Greek yogurt
    1 T mayonnaise
    1 T honey
    1 T lemon juice

    Cut 4 heads of chicory into thin slices. Remove the cores.
    (this left me with about 300g of sliced chicory)
    Mix the chicory with some of the yogurt dressing. (you might not need all of it)
    Cut 150gr of white, seedless grapes in quarters and mix with the chicory.
    Cut 1 granny smith apple in julienne strips and mix with the chicory.
    Add the pieces of grilled chicken.
    Serve and enjoy.

Optional: add some pinenuts, walnuts or pecan nuts:
Witlof Salad with chicken and pinenuts

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