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Garnalenkroketten (Dutch Shrimp Croquettes)

The croquette is a very typical dutch snack, we eat about 18 croquettes per person per year. Although those are mainly beef croquettes, this version with shrimps is more popular in Belgium. The principle is very simple: you make a … Continue reading

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Steamed Oysters with black beans

I used to think you should only eat oysters plain and raw. Maybe with a pinch of chopped shallot and a few drops of red rice vinegar, but nothing more. This however, was before I knew about the Chinese way … Continue reading

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Kimchi Consommé

If you’re an oyster purist and only ever want to eat them naked, then please go away. If you’re less rigid and also enjoy them with a splash of red wine vinegar and some chopped shallots, this might be something … Continue reading

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Jerusalem Artichoke Soup

I agree with Paul Bocuse that many heirloom vegetables should stay forgotten. But only the ones that ran out of fashion because of their taste, like turnips. Yuk! On the other hand, there are also vegetables that just became unpopular … Continue reading

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Chinese Steamed Fish (清蒸魚)

This is a truly classic Chinese recipe. I’ve seen it with carp, snapper, moonfish, I guess any white fish will do. But I like to prepare it with seabass (zeebaars) or seabream (dorade). Traditionally it’s done with the whole fish, like on … Continue reading

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Hot smoking

I’ve always loved barbecueing, the taste of roasted meat with the smokey flavour of the charcoal, I just love it. Unfortunately, living in the city for the past 20 years, means I hardly ever barbecue. Not even once a year. Poor me. But fortunately, … Continue reading

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Steamed Scallops with Light Soy-dressing

Simple yet perfect way to prepare scallops. I love the way the salty, sweet, sour soy-dressing cuts through the fatty scallops. Match made in heaven. The first time I made this it was because  I was scared the fish I … Continue reading

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Oyster Omelette

And again something from my memories of Beijing. When my parents visited me there and my Hong Kong Chinese boss treated us for a nice meal in some posh restaurant, one of the dishes was oyster omelette. My mother and … Continue reading

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Jamie Oliver’s Salmon with Green Beans

This fairly simple recipe is a real crowd pleaser. Easy to prepare beforehand, so perfect when having guests. Many people have tried this dish already and I’ve never heard of anybody not liking it. It’s just surprisingly good. Even if … Continue reading

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Steamed Egg Custard with Clams

I just love the soft, pudding-like structure and the delicate taste of this savoury egg custard. I have some nice memories of this dish, made with some kind of chinese clams. Nothing fancy, nothing pretentious, just being eggs and clams. But I do … Continue reading

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Salmon Curry

This is one of my three all time favourite recipes for salmon. Originally from Madhur Jaffrey’s Curry Bible. I just add more water to make more sauce, so there is room for vegetables too. I tend to do that a … Continue reading

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Thai Green Curry

So simple and yet so brilliant. You can easily vary with all kinds of vegetables, chicken, fish, shrimp. Depending on your mood. The basis is always the same. RECIPE Gently fry in a little oil over medium heat 3 T … Continue reading

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Salmon & Soba Noodle Salad

This is a relatively easy salad to make. Although you have to marinate the noodles for 2 hours (!), the advantage is that you can prepare it in advance and quickly throw everything together the last minute. Except for the salmon. … Continue reading

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Steamed Salmon with Black Beans

Up until a few years ago I didn’t even like salmon. And today I have no less than 3 absolute favourite salmon recipes to choose from. The first one comes from Ken Hom. It’s easy to prepare, although for some it’s probably already … Continue reading

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