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MaPo Tofu [麻婆豆腐]

This is one of my most favourite dishes. Not just most favourite Chinese dishes, no, most favourite dishes ever. The spicy chili bean sauce, the numbing sichuanpeppers, the tasty garlic, ginger and onion and the soft tofu. It’s just perfect. And when … Continue reading

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Chinese Tea Eggs

I’m not a big fan of eating hard boiled eggs, but these Chinese marbled eggs look so beautiful that at least once a year I can’t resist making them. And what better time for that than Easter? I have to warn … Continue reading

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Tempeh Kering

I used to order this side dish every time I went for take-away at my indonesian toko in Rijswijk (Toko Pasar Makan). Until they changed the recipe! So then I had to recreate it myself and I think with the … Continue reading

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Japanese Egg Tofu

Another favourite dish while living in Beijing was what we called “Japanese tofu”. Golden coins of egg tofu (a tofu-variety made of soybeanmilk and eggs) deepfried and served with a big pile of crispy crumbs of “thingies”. I’m not sure … Continue reading

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Oyster Omelette

And again something from my memories of Beijing. When my parents visited me there and my Hong Kong Chinese boss treated us for a nice meal in some posh restaurant, one of the dishes was oyster omelette. My mother and … Continue reading

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Steamed Egg Custard with Clams

I just love the soft, pudding-like structure and the delicate taste of this savoury egg custard. I have some nice memories of this dish, made with some kind of chinese clams. Nothing fancy, nothing pretentious, just being eggs and clams. But I do … Continue reading

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Century Eggs

After I had a nightmare experience with stinky tofu I took the advice of a friend to never try thousand year old eggs. I was told they were the most horrible thing ever. And you keep hearing horror stories about … Continue reading

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Fresh Tofu Salad

I consider this to be the chinese equivalent of a mozzerella, tomato and basil salad. Only better! It’s light and fresh and I absolutely love it. So many people say they don’t like tofu, but I’m sure they never tried … Continue reading

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