Whiskey Chocolate Brownies

Whiskey Chocolate Brownies
Although I only baked it twice, this mudcake a.k.a brownie recipe is already proven a big hit. Maybe it’s the whiskey that makes even men drool?


For the cake
250g butter, chopped
200g dark chocolate, chopped
375g caster sugar
250ml whiskey (or 125ml whiskey + 125ml water)
1 T instant coffee granules
185g plain flour
60g self-raising flour
40g unsweetened cocoa powder
2 eggs, beaten until fluffy
3 tablespoons whiskey, extra for sprinkling

For the chocolate glaze
80ml cream
90g dark chocolate

Preheat the oven to 160ºC. Grease a 20cm square tin and line the base and sides with baking paper.

Dissolve the instant coffee powder in a few heated/hot tablespoons of the 250 ml whiskey and put with the butter, chocolate, sugar and whisky in a saucepan that you can hang in another pan with boiling water to heat au bain marie. Just be patient for everything to melt. It will melt by itself and it will become a beautifully consistent, thick sauce.

Sieve the plain flour, self-raising flour and cocoa into a large bowl. Pour the butter mixture onto the flour mixture and whisk until just combined. Whisk in the eggs. Pour into the prepared tin.

Bake for about 1 hour 15 minutes, or until a skewer comes out clean when inserted in the centre of the cake. It all depends a bit on size of the tin you use, I guess. I’m not an experienced baker, so just keep an eye on it. When ready, pour the extra whiskey over the hot cake. (I pinched it all over with a toothpick before pouring the whiskey) Leave in the tin for 20 minutes, then transfer onto a wire rack placed over a baking tray to cool completely.

For the chocolate glaze, put the cream and the chocolate in the small saucepan and heat over another pan with boiling water au-bain-marie. Again, just be patient it will melt by itself. Stir until a nice, consistent chocolate sauce. Then set aside to cool and thicken a little. Spread the glaze over the cake, allowing it to drizzle over the sides. Leave to set. Or do what I did, I sliced the cake it cubes/brownies and dipped those into the glaze.

Tip 1: you can freeze the (unglazed) cubes individually and just take out one or two for coffee.
Tip 2: I used Famous Grouse, but if you want an expert opinion on what whiskey to use, check out the suggestions on this blog: Aaron’s Food and Wine Musings

Whiskey Chocolate Cake


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22 Responses to Whiskey Chocolate Brownies

  1. Yum Yucky says:

    holy crap! those look soooo delicious. I can barely breathe from the shock of this greedy picture. Seriously.

  2. Dyana says:

    Oh MY! The image is absolutely drool-worthy! Thanks for posting the recipe :)

  3. Robin says:

    Thanks. I can’t look at it too often myself. ;-)

  4. Yvon says:

    Supermooie foto en reageer nu pas, maar heb het al naar een paar mensen (o.a. een vriendin die van de Oetkerpakken is) doorverwezen.

  5. Robin says:

    @YumYucky and @Dyana. Thank you for your enthousiastic replies. :-)

    @Yvon Leuk. Ben benieuwd of je ze van de pakjes af kan krijgen. Ik vrees het ergste.

  6. PdeHoog says:

    Brownies staan in de oven :9 Ben zo benieuwd :D Mooie / leuke site btw :Y

  7. Robin says:

    Oh, ik ben ook benieuwd! Hoewel, het kan niet anders dan lekker worden. ;-)

  8. PdeHoog says:

    Robin, Ze zijn goooooooooooooooooooooed! :D Net even een stukje geproefd.

  9. cca says:

    OH MY GOSH! I will be dreaming about these! Great recipe and photos!

  10. bigFATcook says:

    Now these really are wicked!!! GREAT!!!

  11. Robin says:

    Hehe, I hear that a lot. :-)
    Especially after tasting them!
    Did you try them?

  12. Jan says:

    Oh dear, luckily I checked at 60min because it was already done! I hope it’s not too dry now :-/ hmm, still too hot to eat… must… resist…

  13. Robin says:

    Cool! Thank you for the feedback. :-)

  14. Jan says:

    FYI: using this roasting pan ( http://www.ikea.com/be/nl/catalog/products/50055863/ ) 20x26cm, an hour or less – tested yesterday – might be enough.

  15. Daniel says:

    Bedankt Robin! Erg lekker dit recept, ik heb het wel een beetje ‘aangepast’: 1 cup normaal meel en 1 tsp Baking Soda ipv zelfrijzend bakmeel. Ook een tsp vanille extract toegevoegd. Daarnaast heb ik een glazen overschaal bedenkt met alimunium folie, en die vervolgens ingespoten met Pancoating. Werkt ook prima.

  16. Robin says:

    @Jan. I probably used the exact same tin!

    @Daniel. Heel verstandig, je eigen zelfrijzend bakmeel maken. ;-)
    En vanille is altijd lekker. Yum, nu heb ik ook meteen trek. Binnenkort weer eens maken.

  17. Kirsty says:

    Hey I’m confused do you put all 250mlof the whisky in with the butter, sugar etc or just a bit and then the rest over the top once cooked?


  18. Robin says:

    It’s both in the ingredient list:
    250ml whiskey (or 125ml whiskey + 125ml water)
    3 tablespoons whiskey, extra for sprinkling

    So 250ml into the mixture and then 3 additional tablespoons to pour on top.

  19. Bali Tour says:

    The cake looks nice :)
    Thanks for the recipe…

  20. Keith P says:

    Made with Lagavulin. The peaty rich malt played well with the brownie without getting too sweet.
    Brilliant with a black ale on a wet afternoon.

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