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Comparing brands

Comparing Sichuan Peppercorn Brands

Golden Lily (left in photo) Dried Red Pepper (Fa-Chiu), product of China Packed by : Heng Cheung Company Imported by Liroy B.V. Rijswijk Price : € 2.00 for 113 grams The smell vaguely reminds me of sichuanpepper. It’s not even … Continue reading

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Fermented Black Beans

Black beans or tausi are made by fermenting and salting soybeans. The process turns the beans black, soft, and mostly dry. The flavor is sharp, pungent, and spicy in smell, with a taste that is salty and somewhat bitter and sweet. … Continue reading

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Kecap Manis

  Kecap Manis is a thick, sweet, indonesian soysauce. In the Netherlands you can find the above brands. Which is best? I think ABC-brand is the best.  (second from the left in photo) Serving suggestions: * Babi ketjap (Indonesian sweet, stewed … Continue reading

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