Kimchi Consommé

Oyster with Kimchi Consommé

If you’re an oyster purist and only ever want to eat them naked, then please go away. If you’re less rigid and also enjoy them with a splash of red wine vinegar and some chopped shallots, this might be something for you. When I first read about the idea of serving fresh oysters with kimchi consommé (on Momofuku for 2) I knew I had to try it. It just sounds brilliant and besides that, dead-easy to make at home. I was already familiar with the process of clarifying through ice filtration, so when we were having left-over kimchi the other day I knew what to do.

I couldn’t find the exact recipe online and because I read somebody (Ulterior Epicure) was disappointed by the weakness of the brine I decided to add as little water as possible. Just enough to dissolve the gelatin. So this is what I did (before I discovered Chang uses more like a chickenstock than just plain kimchi, ha! But I’m not sorry, because I think it works anyway):


400g mat kimchi
1T clear rice vinegar (or white wine vinegar)
1t sugar

Combine the kimchi, rice wine vinegar and sugar into a liquidizer. Puree as smooth as possible. Measure to see how much milliliter of liquid you have. Take about half of the required gelatin sheets needed to make a pudding/jelly of this amount of liquid. (half is enough because you don’t need it to really set like a pudding) Soak the gelatin sheets in cold water, squeeze them and dissolve into a tiny bit of hot water (50ml?) in a small saucepan. Whisk this into the kimchi-liquid. Freeze it.

Then about 2 days before you need the consommé, take it out of the freezer. Hang a colander/sieve in a bowl and line it with cheesecloth/muslin. (a clean handkerchief will do too) Add the frozen kimchi and place it in your refrigerator or a cool place. Wait for a day or two and voilà: perfectly clear, beautiful consommé. (not much though! I think I ended up with about 100ml or 150ml)

The consommé tasted really lovely, like the essence of kimchi. And it does go really well with fresh oyster, like red wine vinegar. I think it’s a brilliant idea, but now I discovered another dish using this kimchi consommé: a bowl of warm kimchi consommé with braised pork belly, oyster and wilted greens. That’s next on my list and I expect it to be even better!

Making Kimchi Consommé


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5 Responses to Kimchi Consommé

  1. B.A. says:

    Grappig, alleen is hier het oesteraanbod niet zo goed, zodat de keren dat ik ze thuis eet ik het maar puur hou.
    Hoe kom je trouwens bij Momofuku?

  2. Robin says:

    Ik ben daar niet geweest he? Had er al wel vaaglijk van gehoord, maar meer niet. En geen idee meer hoe ik al surfend die kimchi consommé, tegen kwam, maar ik was meteen verkocht.

  3. B.A. says:

    Ik begreep dat je er niet geweest was. (Ik wel overigens :p )

  4. Robin says:

    Ooh, gaaf! Wat at je er?

  5. B.A. says:

    Het was inderdaad gaaf, maar wat ik er at? Oei. Het was afgelopen december en er was geen menu en je mocht ook geen foto’s maken en we hadden een heerlijk wijnarrangement.
    Ik was trouwens in de Ko en niet in de Ssam. Het was een bar waar een man of twaalf konden zitten. Daarachter stonden drie man heel rustig alles te bereiden. Het was zeer bijzonder, zowel de setting als het eten.
    Hier staan wel een aantal dingen op die we hadden, zoals het goddelijke ei.

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