Japanese Egg Tofu

Japanes Egg Tofu Amuse

Another favourite dish while living in Beijing was what we called “Japanese tofu”. Golden coins of egg tofu (a tofu-variety made of soybeanmilk and eggs) deepfried and served with a big pile of crispy crumbs of “thingies”. I’m not sure what it was. Panko, garlic, spring onion, things like that. Today I would be much better at recognizing the ingredients, but back in those days I wasn’t that much into cooking, just into eating. The wonderful pudding-like, warm, savoury tofu with the crispy, salty crumbs were a match made in heaven.

Unfortunately I’ve never managed to recreate this dish. And I’m sure I won’t be able to find it at any restaurant here in Holland. But maybe some memories should stay memories. So I’ve tried to do something else with it. Serving the coins with a simple gingersauce.  


Japanese Egg Tofu RECIPE

egg tofu tubes (à 100g)
some cornstarch for coating
oil for shallowfrying
spring onion, chopped

2 t ginger, finely chopped
2 t oil
6 T chickenstock
1.5 T shaoxing ricewine
2 t cornstarch in cold water

In a small pan, gently sautee the ginger in a little bit of oil. Then add the ricewine and stock. Thicken with some cornstarch mixed with cold water. That’s it. You can do this in advance and reheat later.

Cut the tube with egg tofu in half and while you gently squeeze out the tofu, slice it in 2 cm coins and carefully drop them on a plate covered with cornstarch. Dust with some more cornstarch and quickly transfer them to a frying pan with 1 cm of hot oil. Shallow fry them for about 1 minute each side until golden, but not too brown.

Carefully arrange on a plate (sizzling plate for extra effect) or chinese spoons (for an amuse bouche). Sprinkle some spring onion on top. Add the sauce, but not too much, you don’t want it all to go soggy. Serve immediately. 

Japanese Egg Tofu


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8 Responses to Japanese Egg Tofu

  1. Ric says:

    I’ve never actually tried egg tofu before, but you’ve inspired me to grab some next time I’m at the Asian grocer’s. Looks great the way you’ve served them on individual spoons too… yummy!

  2. Robin says:

    Looks cute! doesn’t it? Hope you’ll make photos and come and tell me how you liked it. I’m always very curious what other people think of the recipes.

  3. starfireplus says:

    Tried this for dinner tonight, it’s absolutely delicious! I added a touch of soy sauce to the sauce for colour. Been looking forwards to making it all week, and I wasn’t disappointed. Thanks!

  4. Robin says:

    Thank you for your feedback. I’m really happy you weren’t disappointed and also think it’s delicious!

  5. Si Hui says:

    just to let you know what ‘panko’ if you’ve not know it yet. it’s actually breadcrumbs but it’s japanese version.

  6. Robin says:

    Thank you, Si Hui. I know what panko is, I just can’t remember exactly what else was in the crunchy mixture.

  7. Karen says:

    this looks yummy. but how to make the sauce?

  8. Robin says:


    To make the sauce is very simple: In a small pan, gently fry the ginger in a little bit of oil. Then add the shaoxing ricewine and chicken stock. Thicken with some cornstarch mixed with cold water. That’s it.

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