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Chinese Meatballs

These are inspired by a dish I didn’t even like when living in China, Lion’s Head Meatballs, but I wanted to recreate anyway. The only thing I didn’t do was steaming them for an hour and a half and I … Continue reading

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MaPo Tofu [麻婆豆腐]

This is one of my most favourite dishes. Not just most favourite Chinese dishes, no, most favourite dishes ever. The spicy chili bean sauce, the numbing sichuanpeppers, the tasty garlic, ginger and onion and the soft tofu. It’s just perfect. And when … Continue reading

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Hot smoking

I’ve always loved barbecueing, the taste of roasted meat with the smokey flavour of the charcoal, I just love it. Unfortunately, living in the city for the past 20 years, means I hardly ever barbecue. Not even once a year. Poor me. But fortunately, … Continue reading

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Chicken Kung Pao

This is one of China’s most famous dishes. Even in our Dutch Chinese restaurants you can order Chicken Kung Pao. Not always recognizable, but hey, it’s on the menu! And maybe the same can even be said about the Chicken … Continue reading

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Cinnamon Beef Noodles (soup)

This recipe for cinnamon beef is slowfood and fastfood at the same time. It’s slowfood because it will take a few hours of stewing to tenderize the meat. But in China it’s considered to be fastfood, there are numerous noodle … Continue reading

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Cold Pork in Hot and Garlicky Sauce (蒜泥白肉)

  The pork in this sichuanese dish is traditionally a piece of pork butt, half fat and half lean, simply boiled in water with some fresh ginger and spring onion. But I’m not that much into fat meat and boiling … Continue reading

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Peking Duck for Dummies

I know that this recipe looks frightening at first sight. But really, it’s very simple and not that much work. (check the summary at the end of this post) Most preparations are done hours before you eat. It’s fun to do, … Continue reading

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