Spinach Salad



300 gram fresh spinach
1 big handful of basil, sliced
200 gram grilled chicken
250 gram brown mushrooms
250 gram strawberries
100 gram roquefort

Toss the spinach with the following simple vinaigrette:
juice of half a lime
5 T olive oil
2 t honey
1 small shallot, very finely chopped
salt & pepper

I like to use the more creamy kind of honey for this dressing. To dissolve it, put in microwave for a few seconds.  The oil you add is depending on how much juice you get from the lime. This can annoyingly enough vary a lot.
The mushrooms I sliced and grilled in the grillpan. The chicken I marinated very shortly in olive oil, garlic and some limejuice, then smoked it for 5 minutes, then grilled it. 

Call me crazy, but I liked the combination of ingredients so much that I decided to write it down and share with the world. And of course to remember it for a next time I want to make this.
Ah, and next time I’ll hopefully remember to add the haricot verts that I had planned on grilling and adding.  ;)

Served with ovenroasted potatoes.


About Robin

I love to cook. Check out my dutch website: Aziatische-ingredienten.nl
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8 Responses to Spinach Salad

  1. valeria says:

    Heee robin.
    Mooie blog en wat een aparte dingen maak je klaar. Was heel even na een hele tijd aan het sneupen op fa maar zo te zien is daar nog niets verandert. Groetsels. vleer. :o)

  2. Kok Robin says:

    Hee, Valeria. Wat leuk dat je je neus laat zien. :)

  3. Nadia says:

    Hi Robin,

    Fantastic weblog with delicious recipes. My compliments.
    I “ll try the Spinach Salad. :)

    Warm greetings,

  4. Kok Robin says:

    Thank you, Nadia. Please let me know whether you liked it. I love feedback on the food. :)

  5. Roos says:

    Hey Robin,

    What a wonderfull blog with super foto’s.
    Tonight I gave your spinach salade a go.
    It was a big succes with my guests, even the children enjoyed it, in spite of all the ‘spinach green’!
    Some of us were vegetarian, so I had to replace the grilled chicken. I used some kind of tofu stuff which I marinated and baked. Wasn’t too bad at all.



  6. Kok Robin says:

    Children liking it in spite of all the green? I would think in spite of all the blue cheese! Hihi, I like those kids!

    I’m happy it was such a succes. :-)

  7. Nadia says:

    Hi Robin,

    I made the Spinach salad. It was very successful.
    See my photo:

    A great recipe! Thank you very much.


  8. miss Tempel says:

    Hee robin
    I never looked at your blog before! Always on flickr!
    Anyways, here is the photograph of the delicious salad I made after your receipe.
    I even ate the suggested roasted potatoes with it! It was good!

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