Roasted Garlic

Garlic Roaster 

What is there to say. I bought this little garlic roaster a few years back just for its cuteness. I haven’t used it that much. Probably because I think you can just as easily roast your garlic by adding them to your ovenroasted potatoes

But then I discovered this “single clove garlic”. Also bought for its cuteness. And I think they were made for my garlic roaster. In a 160°C oven for about 50 minutes (although the instructions say 10-15 minutes in a 180°C). I’ve added some olive oil and thyme. Probably should have made an incision to push the herbs in. But it was nice, even without the thyme-taste. You can squeezed it onto some warm, fresh bread or you can just squeeze it right into your mouth, like I do.

Single Clove Garlic

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3 Responses to Roasted Garlic

  1. … and then take a large gulp of white Chardonnay to go with it!

  2. MrOoijer says:

    Oh what a beautiful picture of those single clove garlics! Much nicer than mine :-(

    These are very versatile garlics, by the way :-)

  3. Kok Robin says:

    Ah, thank you, Mr. Ooijer. I was quite pleased with the result myself. :)
    I don’t know about their versatility as I keep forgetting I’ve got them. I’m just too accustomed to reaching for the “normal garlic”.

    And yes, a big gulp of chardonnay sounds just right, Kattebelletje. Next time I will.

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