Thai Green Curry

Thai Green Curry

So simple and yet so brilliant. You can easily vary with all kinds of vegetables, chicken, fish, shrimp. Depending on your mood. The basis is always the same.


Gently fry in a little oil over medium heat
3 T green curry paste

When fragrant, after a couple of minutes, add
400 ml coconutmilk
2 T fishsauce
2 t
3 limeleaves

Now, depending on your ingredients you add them in the order of cooking time they need.

Green beans => 15 minutes
Small eggplants => 10 minutes
Asparagus => 2 minutes
Bokchoy stems => 2 minutes
Bokchoy leaves => 30 seconds
Waterchestnuts => 1 minute

You can cook everything in the sauce if you wish. With shrimp or chunks of fish fillet I do, but chicken or scallops I like to panfry seperately. (just a few scallops each are a nice addition when you use shrimp)

Then last, but not least, add the juice of 1 lime (in my opinion a crucial ingredient, it will make or break the dish if you forget it)

Sprinkle with spring onion and lots of chopped coriander.
Serve with white rice.


  • Although palmsugar is more authentic, it will take away the bright colour of your green curry.
  • If you don’t have lime or lemon in the house you can use tamarind. Add it together with the fishsauce. (but like the palmsugar, it will make your green curry more like a brown curry)
  • Don’t add the limejuice in the beginning, it can become bitter when you cook it.
  • I have this bag with waterchestnuts in my freezer. I think they are more convenient than tinned ones, because it’s easier to use just a few.
  • Of course you can probably add any vegetable or meat you want, I only listed the ones I’ve tried myself as I don’t want to recommend things I never tried before.

Thai Green Chicken Curry

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6 Responses to Thai Green Curry

  1. d says:

    Do you ever make red curries? Any tips/notes like these above on that, or do the same apply? :)

  2. Kok Robin says:

    Although there isn’t that much difference (fresh green chillies vs dried red chillies) I think green curry tastes more fresh & zingy and red curry more earthy. So somehow I usually end up using the green curry. But as far as I know, you can use either. It won’t effect the rest of the recipe.

    What I like to do, when I make a red curry, is add halved baby potatoes. Then you don’t need rice. I think they go well with the earthier flavour. Just be aware they will probably will take longer to cook than when boiling in water.

  3. Robin says:

    Today I blogged about the red curry paste.
    You can read the recipe: here

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  5. René says:

    Nooit aan gedacht om waterkastanjes in de vriezer te bewaren… handy indeed

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