My Steamers

It took me some time to find the perfect steamer.
The main advantage of the electrical steamer in the front is that you can put in anywhere in the kitchen where there’s a plug. Saving space on your stove. The main disadvantage for me is its size. Somehow it always seems too small. Yes, for steaming some dimsum or the occasional lemper it’s fine. But for that, the little stainless steel steam basket you see in the front is just as good. As is the bamboo steamer. But when you want to steam a trout or seabass you’d first have to slaughter it to make it fit. So I was thrilled to “discover” these big aluminium steamer pots. (Diamand Brand, Thailand) You can steam the fish already on the plate you want to serve it on, so there’s no chance of it falling apart while transferring it to your plate. The plate gets steaming hot too, so the food stays warm longer. The main disadvantage of course is that it takes a lot of space on your stove. Which isn’t a problem if you just decide to steam your vegetables too and make rice in a ricecooker. Or when I prepare a big dinner and really need my stove, I use this little “Butane Camp Stove” so I can steam anywhere in the house.

So why are there two steamers in the picture? The first steamer pan I bought had a diameter of 37cm. I was so happy with it and still am, but somehow it often was just 1 cm too small for the plates I wanted to use. Irritating, annoying, but buying yet another steamer would be too ridiculous, even for me. But when a friend of mine said she was jealous of my steamer and wanted to go and buy one herself it was the perfect opportunity for me to upgrade! So now I have the 40cm one and the 37cm one will move next week. Everybody happy. :)

I love steamed vegetables and fish!

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4 Responses to Steamers

  1. Timo says:

    Dear Robin, welcome to the blogosphere,

    I’d really love to see you slaughter a sea bass. Sorry to say I have this secret sea bass slaughtering fetish…

    To bad most people clean, gut and scale sea bass instead of the real slaughtering deal.

    Please do record a video and post it on FlickR video or Youtube, your fans will love you for it!


    Knowledge Hunter a.k.a. Timo

  2. Kok Robin says:

    I leave the gutting and scaling to our local fishslaughterer. :)
    This would make too much of a mess in my kitchen.
    And now I have my 40cm steamer I never have to decapitate any fish ever again!

  3. Chrys says:

    OMG.. mine is only 30cm.. already find it too big and uneasy to put away.. Though you are right: when steaming fish. You do need a big steamer. I just steam smaller fish :)

  4. Robin says:

    Luckily I have lots of cupboard space. And for smaller things I still use this little steel basket in a normal pan. Or sometimes even the electrical steamer. But I can understand that “normal people” (hihi) won’t have such a variety of steamers available. ;)

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