Hello world!

So there it is.
Another foodblog.
Hope you’ll enjoy the recipes.

About Robin

I love to cook. Check out my dutch website: Aziatische-ingredienten.nl
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10 Responses to Hello world!

  1. MrOOijer says:

    Welcome in the blogging world, robin!

  2. Kok Robin says:

    Ha, Mr Ooijer! Thank you. You know you’re partly responsible?
    Mentioning on your blog Mister Ooijer that it might be a shame I was only “blogging” on flickr made me think again about starting a blog. And this time I decide to take the chance. :)

  3. MrOoijer says:

    Am I really responsible? Oh:-) And did I say it might be a shame? Oh oh:-) Welcome again!

  4. miss Tempel says:

    Hee robin
    I never looked at your blog before! Always on flickr!
    Anyways, here is the photograph of the delicious salad I made after your receipe.
    I even ate the suggested roasted potatoes with it! It was good!

  5. Kok Robin says:

    Hee Miss Tempel. Nice to see you here. :)
    Thank you for your reply and off course your photo!
    I copypasted your comment to the spinach salad topic.

  6. Carla says:

    Ik was nieuwsgierig hoe lang je al aan het bloggen was. Heel kort dus nog maar! Ga ik nu weer even naar flickr! Maar je ziet me hier regelmatig terug natuurlijk.

  7. golfer says:


    Kom je steeds meer tegen op FOK! in CUL-topics
    Ben wel benieuwd waar je (profesioneel???) kookt of recenseert?



  8. Robin says:

    Ik kook en recenseer (nog?) niet professioneel. ‘t Is een hobby die een beetje uit de hand aan het lopen is. Hoewel, het is vooral dat fotograferen en bloggen dat tijdrovend kan zijn. Maar in ieder geval kun je dan meer dan eens genieten van wat je gekookt hebt. En ‘t is beter dan postzegels verzamelen, want koken/eten moet je toch. Dan maar liever lekker.

  9. Shasha says:


    I just found your blog and I’m already a big fan. I leave in China now and I was looking for japanese tofu recipes on the net. I spent the afternoon checking your posts and wishing I had a nice kitchen to try all your recipes. I love cooking and love doing things my self (like the curry paste you offered). I can clearly see you love cooking and eating as well. But I have a big question: do you also love taking pictures? Or who is taking all the great pictures you have on your blog and flickr? Hope to be reading new recipes soon!

  10. Robin says:

    Hi Sasha, so nice to hear you like my cooking! Thank you so much.
    And to answer your question: hm, thinking about it, I hardly ever take pictures of anything else but food. I just started taking pictures of “what we had for dinner” three years ago, more or less like a journal for myself. But after a while I started to get bored with the same picture of a plate of food in the middle so I’d try a different angle or a different “cut”. And it’s great fun when the pictures turn out nice, but I guess it’s still more about the food. If my passion would really be with photography I would have taken the time by now to find out how to use my camera off the automatic. ;)

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